Friday, January 28, 2011

Art Upon Request

UPDATE (February 17, 2011): February 20, 2011 is the last chance to comment on my art and help me to get it printed on over 40 billboards over Alberta. Thank you to all who have helped me by commenting, posting, blogging, and linking my art through various social media. I really appreciate all of the help! It is not to late to comment on my art HERE


I need your help! I am not sure if you have seen the billboards or heard the radio spots but there is a new art initiative that is currently under way. It is called Art Upon Request. It is an experiment of art and social media but at it's core it is a contest to have your art appear on over 40 billboards around Alberta.

The 2 artists with the most "votes" through a variety of different social media forums will have their work on billboards starting March 17th. I have entered and I need your "votes". There are many different ways to vote, the easiest being to comment on my work on the Art Upon Request website. The more constructive the comment the better. Why do you like my art? What draws you to it? Why would it look good on a billboard? Other ways to vote are by following the social networking icons and links on my art page. You can tweet about it, digg it, and add it to your facebook. Each time you do one it counts as a vote. So please do as many as you can and pass this onto any friend you think may be willing to do this.

This is a huge opportunity for me and winning would put me one step closer to achieving my goal of being a professional artist. If you are an artist I would encourage you to submit a piece of your work. It seems like a great project to bring awareness to Alberta's art community.

Thanks for your help!

For more information you can visit the Art Upon Request Website

To comment on my work and to "vote" through various social media you can go HERE


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