Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Murder By Death

Murder By Death are one of my favourite bands in the entire world. Their albums are spectacular and their live show is something to behold. So when they held a contest to design the art for their split 7" with The Builders and the Butchers, even though I had semi retired from entering contests, I jumped at the chance. Unfortunately, as with all the contests that I enter... I lost... that is why I stopped entering so many contests and why it takes something really special to draw me out of my self imposed entering contests retirement. However, in this case, the winners are quite deserving and therefore I don't feel bad at all. I gave it my best shot. I worked long and hard on these and am really proud of how well they turned out. They look stunning in person. They were all made using spray stencils and silver foil on a reclaimed album cover.


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