Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Make It! 2012

I had a blast doing the Holiday version of Make It! in 2012. It was easily the biggest show to date that I've taken on. Months of planning and a staggering amount of new pieces were undertaken and created. Here are a few images of our set up. It's easily our most professional and concise one to date. I made the MINUS INDUSTRIES sign entirely by hand. It seemed fitting to have a giant stencil represent this body of work. Make It! went really well for us. It was great to get out of the studio (read; my garage) and show and sell my work. With that said, participating in Make It! is a ton of work! That is part of the reason why I won't be participating this year. I've kind of taken a step back and am deciding where I want to be in terms of my art and imagery. I'm looking forward to putting together a new body of work comprised entirely of found materials, stencils and spray paint. You'll see me at both Make It! and Royal Bison somewhere down the road... I PROMISE!

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