Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I was inspired to start painting on records early last winter. I had the Make It! show coming up and I really wanted to do something special for it, plus thanks to my Rainbow Series I've been using halved album sleeves as canvas's so I had a ton of records literally just laying around. I thought that it would be cool to paint some of my Rainbow Series music based imagery onto these old unwanted reclaimed records. NO! I don't know if they still play! Quite asking me that! *Smile*. All of the records were painted using just one stencil amongst a variety of spray painting and freehanded techniques. These art works are very fluid and gestural. They can be broken down into three distinct series. Albums: Classic Album Covers, People: Famous Musicians and Silver: The images are rendered completely in metallic silver spray paint.

Albums: 1. The Beatles A Hard Day's Night 2. David Bowie Aladdin Sane 3. David Bowie Aladdin Sane 4. Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon 5. Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy 6. Nirvana Nevermind 7. RUSH 8. The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers 9. The Velvet Underground 10. Madonna True Blue 11. The Dandy Warhols Welcome to the Monkey House 12. The Who Who's Next

People: 1. Johnny Cash 2. Kurt Cobain 3. Jimi Hendrix 4. David Bowie

Silver: 1. Elvis Presley 2. Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy 3. The Beatles Let It Be 4. Nirvana Nevermind

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